Spirited Away Sketch Dump

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Here’s a Spirited Away sketch dump! I was watching the movie (for the millionth time) and decided to draw a few scenes. It’s such a beautiful film. How can I resist, right? Though this meant I was doing a lot more drawing than watching =_’=. In fact…i pretty much didn’t watch the film at all. Hmm…I guess this calls for a re-watch, yes? ehehe xD


Noragami Sketch Dump!

CCI02072015_0005 (2) CCI02072015_0001 CCI02072015_0003 CCI02072015_0002 (3)c hiyori and yato  CCI02072015_0006

I’ve been sketching a few scenes/panels/frames from the manga Noragami as a bit of a warm up. I kinda got a little carried away though because it was so much fun! Noragami is such a great manga. I definitely recommend it. It’s both heartfelt and hilarious. Not to mention the art is freaking amazing. I love the way the artist inks their artwork. It’s so neat and precise. Ahhh I’m totally fangirling right now. *///*  *dies*

A New World

01-A New World

A sci-fi environment I painted on Paintool SAI a while ago. I was honestly just experimenting. I’m not really that well versed in drawing environments so this was all just me playing around with repetitive shapes and lighting (which was the funnest part tbh). I want to work on environments some more in the future. It’s definitely something I’ve been avoiding. But it’s time I face it head on. *flexes non-existent muscles….or should I say very-existent arm fat?*

Sketch Dump!

Headphones queen

I felt like doing some quick, rough sketches. These kind of drawings are always a tonne of fun. Sometimes I feel like I get too caught up on trying to make things look “nice and neat”. So it was relaxing to just stop caring and instead, let myself go insane with the pen marks.

Good night everybody! 🙂



This is a drawing I did for my cousin’s 20th birthday. It’s a picture of the two of us when we were really little (I was probably around 4-5 and she was around 6-7? I’m not entirely sure…). We’ve been best buds ever since then. My cousin is honestly one of the most amazing and beautiful human beings in the world. She deserves so much happiness. I can’t even express my love for her in words. She’s just so great! *cries*

Anyways, I don’t draw realistically very often so this was a bit of a struggle. But it was a lot of fun and definitely great practice. And it made me feel all warm and nostalgic (yay for sentimental moments!).

Now here’s a game for you. Can you guess which one’s me?? Muahahahaa



Long time no post, huh? I don’t even have an excuse. Anyways, here’s an old drawing of a character from a comic idea I had ages ago (this is a different comic to the one I mentioned earlier….I have ALOT of comic-in-progresses. Ha ha ha…ha…ha…*cries*). Anyways, I’m finally on holidays. So hopefully I can post more frequently *cough cough*

Thanks for dropping by!

*chucks cookies at you and runs*

Character Design!!


Hello there!

I’m here to introduce one of my main characters in my upcoming comic I may or may not be making (sneaky grin). I say this not because I want to be all awesome and mysterious but because I know all too well that I generally never tend to actually start the comic-making-part of the comic-making process. That being said, I am really having fun working on my new comic idea and therefore I’m sort of hoping all this planning might actually follow through with an end product. Of course, even my planning is at the beginning stages. I don’t really have a clear idea as to what it’s going to be about yet but I’m thinking of merging a futuristic world with the world of the 1900’s. I was originally also planning to have multiple perspectives but I’m not sure if that’s going to be a thing yet. We shall see.

This particular character is super fun to draw. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s cause her design is very simple. Either way I think she’ll probably play a big role in this comic. Obviously don’t quote me on anything that I say now because I really am in the earliest of early stages in working on this.

ANYWAYS, I’ll keep you guys updated (whether you like it or not…muahahaha! >:D).

PS. I need a temporary name for this project!!! I don’t think I can handle writing comic-that-does-not-exist-yet-and-probably-never-will every time i mention it so i really need a name! Anything will do. As long as it’s not…well…offensive 😛 haha

PPPS. Oh also I GOT INSTAGRAM!!!! I purely got it to stalk Ji Chang Wook but I figured, seeing as I already signed up, I might as well post my scribbles every now and then. Sooo if you’re bothered, please feel free to stalk me! If you’re curious about my comic, I’ll be putting up a lot of concept art on it. So yeah, please check it out!


Thanks! ❤ ❤

War Zone

03-Character Concept Art

Hey everyone! NinjaWithAHat here! This is a drawing of a character from my comic that I may or may not be making.  I drew this a while back during the heavy assessment periods during school. I was obviously procrastinating. This was done pretty roughly. The background suggests as much. Haha…ha…ha

BUT YEAH, I hope you like! Sorry about the gun as well. I went a little crazy there. Hahaha (I seriously know nothing about guns or weapons in general so please don’t shoot me)

You can view it here properly:  http://ninjawithahat.deviantart.com/art/War-Zone-520068255

And if you’d like to see more of my drawings/painting please check out my deviantart here: http://ninjawithahat.deviantart.com/

Yes I’m shamelessly advertising myself. Bite me. (Don’t actually though. Once my friend bit me and my skin got all red and puffy. I think her teeth were venomous. As to why she bit me, lets just say there was a tug-of-war and things got a little ugly =_’=..hehe)